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5 Signs You Need a New Roof

The decision to replace your roof is a big one and you may find yourself wondering if it’s worth it. There are many reasons to get a new roof including wanting a different aesthetic, updating an old roof, or replacing a roof that’s damaged. So if you’re contemplating whether to freshen your roof along with your spring cleaning, here are 5 signs you need a new roof.

#1: Your Roof is Over 20-Years-Old

The age of your roof can let you know if the time has come to replace it. While different roof types can have different lifespans, asphalt and wood-shingled roofs generally last anywhere from 20-50 years depending on the weather conditions where you live.

You don’t want to wait until the roof is no longer holding up to replace it. Once a roof becomes damaged and begins to leak, more problems will be created. You’ll want to keep ahead of these problems by knowing your roof’s expected lifespan.

You can also know if your roof is aging out if you live in a neighborhood with homes that were built around the same time. Because these houses are around a similar age, you will be in sync with your neighbors’ new roof needs. So if roofs around you are starting to be replaced, you may need to do the same.

#2: Your Roof Has Shingle Damage

Shingle damage and loss of granules are significant problems that may be a sign your roof needs replaced. Your house shingles should be flat against your roof and should not have curling, disfiguration, broken pieces, or lifting. Sometimes shingle damage only needs repairs, however, damaged shingles can cause problems requiring a whole roof replacement. For example, lifted shingles can expose the roof underneath and curled shingles can lead to leaking.

Unscathed shingles and granules are essential for roof preservation. Granules protect shingles from exterior damage, including damage from the sun. It’s normal for shingle granules to fall off and wear down over time, but too many lost and worn can mean it’s time for a replacement. You can tell if you are having significant granule loss if you notice loose shingle granules gathered in your gutters and downspouts.

#3: Your Roof Has Leaks and Holes

Your roof should be protecting you from the weather, so having leaks and holes is a big sign you’ll be needing repairs or a new roof. If you live in a location that gets a lot of rain and snow, it’s good to consistently check your roof for leaks and deterioration. One easy way to check is to go into your attic after it rains and look for any leaks. Additionally, going into the attic during the daytime will help you see if there are any spots with light coming through.

Leaking roofs are more than just annoying, they can wreak havoc on your family and home through structural damage, higher utility bills, and health issues from mold. Additionally, leaks can also cause roof rot and interior ceiling stains. You can check for sagging areas on your roof to see if rot might be present. It’s important to note that you should avoid and not walk on any of these sagging spots.

#4: Your Roof is Growing Moss

If you’re noticing plants making a home on your roof, you’ll want to pay attention. Vegetation and moss growing on top of your house can be a sign of roof damage. You can occasionally clean off spreading greenery without needing roof repair or replacement. Unfortunately, other times this is indicative of a bigger issue as vegetation on your roof can be a sign of trapped moisture and water damage.

If you’re spotting black streaks on your roof, you are seeing algae. Sometimes this is only an aesthetic flaw that owners want to have removed. However, at times this algae can cause damage by trapping moisture and accelerating granule loss, both things that shorten the lifespan of roof shingles.

#5: You Want a Different Look

Gray Project Main House

Lastly, it might be time to replace your roof if you have the budget and want something different. You can decide on something new before your roof ages out or becomes damaged. We love helping owners create a unique home that has their own personal touch and style. Each house deserves to be one-of-a-kind, just like the people that live in it!

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