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Accenting Your Home With Natural Stone or Stone Veneer

On many of our recent projects our customers have been interested in learning more about stone veneer and natural stone as a siding option, and many of them have chosen to use these materials as an accent to other siding materials. Today we are going to provide some information on natural stone and stone veneer, and how to successfully use them to add a unique touch to your home. 

Stone Veneer Siding

Engineered stone veneer is molded from carefully selected stone taken from unique geographic areas and cast to accurately imitate the look and feel. Once the veneers are molded and cast they are carefully colorized using raw pigments and oxides, making each stone unique and true to natural stone. Stone veneer is typically cheaper to install since each stone has a flat back. 

Natural Stone Siding

Home Builders have been using natural stone siding for hundreds of years and we still love it as an option today. Stone veneer siding has come a long way in recent years, but natural stone is still the only way to get a truly authentic look. It is also extremely durable and the color won’t fade over time. 

Adding natural or stone veneer as an accent to the home has become an increasingly popular option, but where on the home should this accent be placed? Let’s take a look at some of our favorite locations for a stone accent. 

Using Stone Siding as an Accent

Adding natural or stone veneer as an accent to the home has become an increasingly popular option, but where on the home should this accent be placed? Let’s take a look at some of our favorite locations for a stone accent.

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Using stone siding to frame out an entryway is a great way to welcome visitors into your home. We love pairing stone entryways with upgraded doors and trim to bring in a color pop that accents the natural look of stone. 


Stone chimneys may seem like an obvious choice, but many homes in the last 30 years have been built with stucco chimneys. These stucco chimneys inevitably wear out, and many of our customers are choosing to go with natural stone or stone veneer siding to replace the stucco. 

Two-Tone Siding

We recently completed a project that used both vinyl and stone veneer siding on the entire home and loved the results. This homeowner also decided on a standing seam metal roof overhang to separate and perfectly accent both materials. 

Pairing Stone and Siding Colors

Whether you are using stone for a remodel or a new home build it is important to choose siding, shutter, door, and window colors that pair well with the natural look of stone. Let’s discuss a few of our favorite color palettes to match with your engineered or natural stone siding. 

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White Siding with Stone

Pairing white siding with stone is a very popular choice, especially when paired with black doors, windows, and shutters. Both white and black will work with almost any colored stone, and the black doors and windows provide a beautiful contrast with the lighter stone and siding colors. 

Bright Colors

Bright colors and stone aren’t something that is right for everyone, but it can add a contrast and pop to your home’s color palette that will make it stand out in the neighborhood. The key to this color palette is less is more. We love introducing creative colors to the door of the home and using more traditional colors for the siding and windows. 

Pairing Stone with a Warm Color Palette

Pairing a warm siding color with stone is a great way to make your home standout without getting too crazy. Warm colors can complement the natural look of stone and add a subtle contrast to your home’s color palette. Warm colors can include orange, brown, tan, and red. We also love pairing the color of natural wood with stone, which feeds into the natural feeling of stone while tastefully accenting the colors. 

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Have you decided that you want to incorporate stone veneer or natural stone into your next home improvement project? Contact us today for a free estimate!

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