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Extensive Remodeling for Homeowners: What to Know About Water Damage and Aftermath

Understanding the Different Types of Water  Water is water, right? You may be surprised to learn that there are three different kinds of water, and they can drastically change how you approach cleaning up the mess and mold that water damage leaves behind.  Clean Water Damage Clean water simply means that the water causing the …

Types of Exterior Additions for Your Home for 2021

If you are similar to the average household, during 2020 you most likely identified multiple additions for your home’s ultimate wish list! As the season changes we’ll be spending more time indoors, and not everyone is using this time to think of ways to enhance their homes – but many are. Get ahead of the game with ideas for exterior home additions, which ironically, can open up a whole new world of indoor lounging options!

Windows and Doors to Consider for a Contemporary or Modern Look

Opting for a Modern or Contemporary Style: The Ever-Evolving Movement What precisely constitutes a “modern” style? Great question! Because this architectural style is currently the most recent one to evolve, there remains no official consensus about what type of design features solidify this trend. Despite this, three approaches are typically cited as the top current …

Front Door Options: From Replacement to Repair

Whether you are a longtime or brand-new homeowner, you’re probably equally invested in making sure your home portrays your unique style choices both inside and outside. What better way to boost your home’s curb appeal this fall season, than by complimenting the addition of gourds, scarecrows, and autumn colors with a new or retouched front …