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Residential home roof with new DaVinci synthetic slate roofing.

Best in the Market: DaVinci Synthetic Slate Roofing

Synthetic slate roofing, also known as composite roofing, has grown in popularity over the last 25+ years despite its existence in the United States since the early 1900s. Today, this roofing material is loved for its high durability, stylish appearance, easy maintenance, and money-saving features.

The success of synthetic roofing depends on the materials used and the way it’s designed. When compared to other synthetic slate roofing brands, DaVinci’s synthetic slate wins by a landslide. Keep reading to see all the reasons we recommend this US-based brand.

Synthetic Slate vs. Natural Slate Roofing

Close up of a residential home's new DaVinci synthetic slate roof.

DaVinci synthetic slate tiles are made from engineered polymer and virgin resin. These materials create roof tiles that are fire-retardent, heat-resistant, and protected against UV exposure. Unlike natural slate tiles, synthetic slate tiles aren’t susceptible to rotting, chipping, cracking, breaking, or damage from wildlife and insects. These synthetic tiles are also protected against fungi, mold, and algae.

A common issue with natural slate is how heavy it is. Natural slate is so heavy that it frequently requires additional roof support during installation. DaVinci synthetic slate tiles solve this problem by being lightweight and easy to install. Because of its lightweight properties, synthetic slate roofing can be used for almost any type of house. Best of all, synthetic slate roofs are low-maintenance while being considerably cheaper and longer lasting than natural slate roofing.

DaVinci Roofscape’s Realistic Style

Part of the aesthetic appeal of synthetic slate roofing is how realistic it looks. DaVinci’s synthetic slate tiles mimic the style of natural slate roofs with chisel marks and grooves. To do this, DaVinci creates molds from natural slate. These molds then produce tiles that are non-repeating and look like genuine slate. While DaVinci’s synthetic slate tiles are not made with recycled materials, the tiles themselves are 100% recyclable.

Additionally, DaVinci offers “Cool Roof Colors” that don’t absorb heat. By choosing roof colors that reflect sunlight, your home will stay cooler and your electric bill will be lower. When creating roof tiles, DaVinci ensures colors reach the whole way through and aren’t just surface coats.

Protection Against Extreme Weather

Synthetic slate roofing works well in all climates and locations because of its heavy-duty durability and lifetime limited warranty that keep homeowners protected. DaVinci synthetic slate roofs are especially popular for commercial and residential buildings in locations that frequently get major storms and extreme weather. These roofs hold up against strong winds, heavy rain, snow, hail, salty air, and sea spray so homeowners don’t have to frequently repair or replace their roofs.

Doesn’t Hold Snow

New DaVinci synthetic slate roofing installed on a residential home with half stone siding and half brick siding.

DaVinci synthetic slate roofing is excellent for homes in areas with heavy and frequent snowfall. Homeowners don’t have to worry about snow sitting on their roofs as synthetic slate allows snow to slide right off. So not only are these roofs strong enough to endure ice and snow storms, they prevent snow from laying and gathering on top of houses. However, if snow sliding off your roof is something that concerns you, snow guards can easily be installed for additional safety.

Doesn’t Warp, Curl, or Expand

DaVinci synthetic slate roofs are durable enough to endure decades of rough weather conditions without the roof materials wearing down. These tiles are waterproof and don’t absorb moisture, which ensures homeowners won’t experience any issues with warped or expanded tiles when temperatures shift. In addition to these other protective features, DaVinci’s synthetic tiles have a special rib structure that prevents them from curling no matter what weather conditions they’re exposed to.

Meets Highest Test Standards

DaVinci is the top brand in synthetic roofing and has passed tests on material durability for Miami-Dade County, the Texas Department of Insurance, and High-Velocity Hurricane Zones. This brand’s synthetic slate tiles specifically have gotten the best ratings for both impact and fire resistance.

Durability Impact 4 Rating

Church roof project with DaVinci synthetic slate roofing and copper capping.

Synthetic slate created by DaVinci has an impact 4 rating, the highest rating for roof durability. This test is done by dropping steel balls on the roofing material to see how well it will withstand hail and impact. Because Impact 4 roofing protects the home against damage and repairs, homeowners with this type of roofing see their home insurance rates lowered and their home value raised. Even in negative temperatures, DaVinci slate tiles don’t crack or break when hit.

Fire Resistance Class A Rating

These tiles are protected against wildfires and are created with materials that lower the risk of fire spreading. Just like impact damage, DaVinci synthetic slate roofing has the highest rating for fire resistance, a Class A rating. To get this rating, roofs must pass 3 different types of fire activity tests.

First Fire Test

First, tiles are subjected to 2 minutes of bursting flames with 2 minutes of rest in between each session. This is done 15 times and in order to pass this test, the roof must come out still functional with the roof deck unharmed.

Second Fire Test

The next test exposes roof tiles to wind and fire for 10 minutes straight. Again, if there is any sign of the roof being unable to function after this test, it doesn’t pass.

Third Fire Test

E&E Contracting replacing an old church roof with DaVinci synthetic slate roofing and copper capping.

Lastly, the roof tiles are put to the test against a burning brand and wind. The fiery brand is set on the roof tiles for 90 consecutive minutes with air blowing on it. The roof tiles pass this last test if the brand is unable to burn through the roof. To put it simply, Class A fire-resistant roof tiles must resist surface fire-spreading, withstand intermittent blasts of fire, and prevent fire from burning through the roof decking below.

Approved for Historical Buildings & Homes

Historical homes have many requirements for new roofing and renovations. Over the years, DaVinci synthetic slate tiles have been frequently approved and used to replace roofs on historic buildings. These tiles are perfect for preserving a historic home’s appearance and functionality as they are lightweight and match in style and color.

Replacing a roof on an old building can come with many problems, including the building not being able to withstand the weight of a new roof. DaVinci synthetic slate roofing is easy to install and light enough to avoid any issues with the building below. Additionally, DaVinci can create custom colors to complement or replicate a building’s unique colors. This is especially beneficial to historic and old buildings where matching colors and maintaining a vintage style can be challenging.

At E&E Contracting, we’ve done many projects featuring DaVinci synthetic slate roofing and highly recommend these beautiful, stylish roofs that last decades. These strong roof tiles are worth the investment and are highly praised by homeowners across the US. Get started on your own project by speaking with one of our roofing specialists and requesting a free estimate.

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