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Front Door Options: From Replacement to Repair

Whether you are a longtime or brand-new homeowner, you’re probably equally invested in making sure your home portrays your unique style choices both inside and outside. What better way to boost your home’s curb appeal this fall season, than by complimenting the addition of gourds, scarecrows, and autumn colors with a new or retouched front door? Your entrance way is a great way to add character into your home. Read on to learn how to decide if it is time for a repair, retouched, or new doorway!

Upgrading Your Existing Front Door

Invest in a New Paint Job

If you think about your front door like a piece of art, imagine the collage photo you could make of your entryway over the years, as you opt for different colors to suit the seasons! Why not have fun exploring the rainbow, albeit, in the confines of your doorway? Brighten up the neighborhood mood with a charming canary yellow, or stand out with a deep blue to drive home Victorian revival color schemes.

Word to the wise: don’t forget that half of the secret of a quality paint job is the preparation you put in before coating with product! You should be sure to sand down rough areas, and remove damaged paint before applying additional coats. Also be sure to obtain enough depending on the color, if more than one coat will be needed. You may also take the opportunity to match your shutters, especially if the last time you invested in those was at the same time as your door.

New Door Hardware

Talk about one do-it-yourself home project you can tackle in a morning or afternoon before the kids or your spouse get home. Although it will require a bit of elbow grease, replacing old and worn front door hardware is another simple way to put a new spin on your old front door.

One trick of the trade is being willing to seek out and stock hardware from Good Will or reuse stores, which often provide quality items if you are willing to look through items in true flea market fashion. For those who know what they want, you can employ websites online for specialty items, or seek out products personally at your local home repair store. 

Similar to the rest of your door, you can also decorate or re-fashion hardware to match your style by using different sealers, paints or finishes (be sure to match the type of product you use with the material).

Opting for Replacement Front Doors

new front door

Sometimes all a door needs is a little TLC to come back to life – but sometimes a door is just too old and tired to spruce up. Over years of use and exposure to the elements, some doors are just too far gone to repair. And let’s face it, some of us just don’t have the time to invest in that kind of home repair right now. For situations like this, just replacing your door might save you a lot of hassle.

Whether you are looking for a selection that offers ample sunlight through large, paneled windows, or solid, sturdy options intended to provide additional privacy and security, we have a model for you.

What’s even better than a large selection of designer models? Customizing an entryway to fit your unique personality, preference and style. We can work with any shape, size or style specifications that you can think of. 

The Selection at E&E Contracting

Have you decided a new entryway is in the cards this fall? If so, visit our project example gallery to learn more about how our window and door options can add to the elegance of your property while making it memorable at every glance. 

We are happy to help you select the perfect replacement windows or doors, as well, and offer a wide variety of manufacturers, materials and styles to suit your preferences. Put our field-tested knowledge to work for you today! Learn how to contact us below.

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