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How to Accent Your Home This Autumn: Adding Curb Appeal

You might be wondering about simple but noticeable ways to “mix up” the look and feel of your home. Why limit your vision to the indoors? Read on to learn about some of the products and services E&E Contracting offers that can help you boost your home’s curb appeal just in time for neighbors making their autumn foliage strolls.

Whether high quality stone veneers catch your eye, or you find yourself taken with our range of colorful roofing options, there is bound to be a fit for your taste and style.

Curb Appeal Ideas: Enhancing Home Accents Without Clutter

What comes to mind when you hear the term “curb appeal”? Your best value-to-results options include repairing, installing or replacing your siding with custom colors and styles, complete exterior makeovers, upgrading windows and/or doors, or investing in a deck or other front-of-home addition.

When contemplating how to enhance the appeal and décor of your household, don’t limit yourself to the basic selections a majority of your neighbors are likely already employing: home gardening, expensive total yard landscaping services or lawn furniture. Why not invest in a longer-term product or service that has the potential to boost your home’s value? 

How to Select a Home Accent Option That Suits You

Upgrading older or damaged windows and doors can help to enhance the elegance of your property. Not only that, but it can reduce your heating and cooling costs as well.

Convinced you should invest in a more polished front of home look? Review our run down of products and services that you should consider alongside the colors and styles that fit your vision.

Decks and Additions

newly renovated porch

Why not switch up the view this autumn season and enjoy the front yard foliage for a change? Hanging hammocks, potted garden paradises, and cozy nooks can take root when you invest in a high-quality exterior addition

Decorative Porticos

There is no doubt that porticos were created to signify elegance. This home décor addition can boost your home’s value while expanding its current design. Porticos are often capable of building in seating areas depending upon the architect, which can help to achieve two goals at once! You can also have fun designing additional elements, such as potted plants and seating cushions, which will only further boost your curb appeal.

Doors and Windows  

If you are the owner of a small to medium-sized porch, this might be the perfect fit for you! Ranging from pragmatic to eclectic, the right doors and windows can do wonders for curb appeal. Generally considered the most cost-effective option, porch-style roofs add coverage to any roof and deck shape or size.


For those of you looking to make a more significant change to your home, consider asking us about our extensive home remodeling services. You can explore a range of selections including roof re-sheeting, reframing, repair and even stucco remediation. This is also the perfect time to upgrade your existing roof, as perilous winter conditions rapidly approach.

There is no mistaking it, autumn is right around the corner. In addition, preparing for more time working, living, playing and learning in your home needn’t be as stressful as it is filled with possibilities.

Freshen up your perspective and your curb appeal by consulting with one of our professionals today or reviewing testimonials directly from our delighted customers.

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