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How is Engineered Stone Veneer Made?

Engineered stone is a very popular option for people looking for a low-maintenance and natural look for their homes. Stone Veneer is a beautiful alternative to natural stone siding and is manufactured in a way that is easy to install with minimal maintenance. As we discuss engineered stone veneer with our customers we get a lot of questions about the manufacturing process and how it handles the elements. 
We choose to use Provia Engineered Stone Veneer which has a tremendous reputation in the industry for durable and beautiful stone veneer. Let’s take a look at how they rigorously design and craft their engineered stone veneer.

Stone Veneer Manufacturing Process

Finding Stones in Nature

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The first step in Provia’s manufacturing process is finding stones in nature. All of Provia’s engineered stones are based on the real thing, and their team is constantly searching for new stones to bring back to their manufacturing facility.

Making Casts & Molds of Stones

The second step in the process is making casts of natural stones, which Provia uses to make molds for all of their engineered stone. Using natural stones to mold their engineered stone gives Provia’s products shadow and detail that isn’t possible with typical stone veneer manufacturing. 

Provia molds are also different because each engineered stone is molded and crafted by a stone mason to create a realistic, handcrafted master mold.

Finishing the Engineered Stone

To finish their stones, Provia uses high-quality aggregates, Portland cement, and oxides to create the most realistic character and feel of natural stone. Most stone manufacturers use cheap fillers like sand to emulate the feel of stone but Provia goes above and beyond, using only the best quality aggregates and oxides. 

Another huge benefit of Provia’s manufacturing process is that the back of each stone is perfectly flat, allowing for quick and easy installation. This cuts down on cost and allows for a nice, even finish.

Stone Veneer Color Options

Front entrance of house after ranch style house modernization with new light stone veneer, two entry way lights, a path leading to the covered entrance, and flower beds on either side of the path with mulch and shrubs.

The color of the engineered stone plays an important role in the authenticity of the veneer and the appearance of your home. Provia’s stone veneer colors come in two options that are all inspired by natural stones, including shale, glacier, timber, copper, and more. Their Enhanced Colors include multiple stages of layering on their handcrafted veneers, ensuring that each stone perfectly resembles stones found in nature. Their Premium Enhanced Colors take this process a step further for even deeper colors in each stone, offering unparalleled vibrance and style. 

Once you have chosen your stone color and style, it’s time to choose your grout color. Your grout color heavily influences the look of your home; complementary grout colors will soften the contrast of your home while contrasting grout colors will give the stone more pop and create a more dramatic siding.

Are you ready to talk about adding engineered stone to your home? Contact us today for a complimentary estimate, our experienced team would love to speak with you.

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