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How Long Does Stucco Remediation Take?

Depending upon small factors such as where you live, stucco can either be a breeze, or it can contribute to larger, ongoing problems for your home. Although a durable material generally, stucco is also brittle which makes stone accents as well as foundations prone to settling over time. 

If the area where you live is also high in clay when it comes to soil composition, you can also experience added problems if much of your landscaping and home are crafted from a stucco base. All of these factors, as well as whether you are experiencing small cracks or underlying foundational issues, should help you understand how you can minimize the time it will take to get your stucco back in top form. 

Whether you believe you have a simple DIY fix on your hands, or perhaps the beginning of a larger project suited for the professionals, read on to learn more about stucco and the repair basics they tend to come packaged with! 

What to Expect from Stucco Stone Accent or Interior/Exterior Repairs

In most cases, there is no issue with yourself or your family members continuing to reside in your home while professionals go to work with stucco remediation processes. Depending upon the extent of the damage, the needed solution to fix the problem, and your budget, you can expect to invest anywhere from ten days to three weeks solving the issue you have. However, there are differences between small jobs that you can complete on your own in a weekend and those that require the skill and know-how of the experts.

Challenges of Repairing Stucco on Walls or Stone Accents

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Although stucco is a durable material, it is rigid in nature which can make it prone to cracks. In addition, if there are places where weight is unevenly distributed, settling is prone to occur. For small cracks that are caused by frequent movement, such as a crack in a wall near a back door, you may want a more flexible material to seal the edges to prevent further shattering. Repair caulk products are most likely appropriate for these types of exterior fixes. 

For severe or longtime damage, contacting an expert is the first move you should complete. After applying any smaller stucco repairs, however, you should wait no less than 24 hours for the substance to settle, and the cracks to seal. 

Basic Interior or Exterior Stucco Repairs

Pre-mixed stucco patches can be applied to large or gaping areas where the original material has worn or broken away. You should never attempt to repair your stucco if the temperature is not within the recommended 40 to 90 degree range.  

Does this sound too complicated, or potentially dangerous, for you to complete on your own? If so, you should consult with a professional stucco repair provider, who will be able to tell you if the damage you notice is susceptible to larger problems such as black mold or decay. Don’t assume you know the best solution! Protect the foundation and durability of your home by getting in touch with someone who knows the ins and outs of stucco remediation. 

  • When to spend the extra money: If you suspect panels will need to be removed in order to assess the interior quality of insulation, or other important structural components, call a professional!
  • When to do it yourself: On the other hand, if you are experiencing a smaller problem such as a buckling on a lower portion of your home, this is more appropriate for a dedicated DIY-er if you are handy and otherwise comfortable doing so. This is particularly common in homes 50 years and older, or those located in areas where natural factors such as earthquakes are also added challenges.  

Regardless of the size of your stucco accent or stone repair project, the experts at E&E Contracting, LLC. can help! We’re experienced in all aspects of home remodeling and renovations, regardless of the materials you have to work with. 

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