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How to Plan for a Remodeling Project

Remodeling projects are exciting, but the process of planning and budgeting can be stressful. We have been helping our community build their dream homes for over 20 years, and learned what it takes to make an extensive remodeling project successful. We are excited to share our comprehensive guide to remodeling projects and what you can do to make sure they go as smoothly as possible. 

What is your Budget? 

The first step in planning for your remodeling project is putting together your budget. If your decision to remodel your home is the result of storm damage, your budget might be influenced by your insurance claims and how much you are rewarded to repair the damage. If you’re remodeling to upgrade your home’s aesthetics and function, it is still important to have a budget and stick to it throughout the process. Our team has assisted dozens of homeowners through this process, and loves putting together a construction plan that fits their style and budget. 

What are your Must Haves? 

In our experience, each remodeling project comes with some “must-haves.” These are things that you have been envisioning since the project was just an idea, and are non-negotiable. These can include things like a farmhouse sink for a kitchen remodel, a claw foot tub for the bathroom, or things as simple as paint color or hardwood floors. 

We love getting these ideas from our customers as early as possible so we can include them in the early mock-ups and prioritize them as we work through the budget. 

Prepping the Space

Once you have decided on your budget and designs, it’s time to prep your space for the remodel. Begin by removing all personal items from the space to make way for any demolition that needs to be done to prepare for new construction. If you don’t want these items to intrude on your other living spaces we recommend a temporary storage unit until the work is completed. 

Can You Live Without the Space? 

At E&E we are committed to maintaining a clean and courteous workplace, but extensive remodeling projects can sometimes prevent homeowners from using essential rooms in their home, especially if it is a kitchen or bathroom remodel. As you are prepping for the remodel it is important to envision life without this space during construction. We have outlined some ways our customers have prepared for their extensive remodeling projects for various rooms of their home below. 

Take a Vacation! 

If your extensive remodeling project looks like it could leave you without an essential room for an extended period of time we recommend timing the project with a vacation. Usually it is a bummer coming home from vacation, but in this case you come home to your new and improved room or addition! 

Our more adventurous clients have even elected to go camping locally with their family to pass the time! 

How to Prep for a Kitchen Remodel

Picturing life without a kitchen can be scary, but we have worked together with our past clients to put together a guide to help you through the process.

Freezer Meals
The first question you should ask yourself is, “Will I have access to my stove?” If the answer to this question is yes, then we recommend preparing freezer meals before construction starts so you can still enjoy a home cooked meal. Freezer meals are easy to prepare, and just require an oven to reheat. 

Dishes are something that can be difficult to manage without access to your kitchen, especially if your sink is being replaced. Bathroom sinks are often too small to properly wash dishes, so we recommend the bathtub. You can easily place two wash tubs in the tub, one for washing and one for rinsing. 
Alternatively, you can also invest in paper plates and utensils to cut the dishes out entirely. 

Ordering In
Many of our customers have added some extra budget on their end to cover the cost of eating out or ordering in while construction is happening in their kitchen. 

How to Prep for a Bathroom Remodel

remodeling in progress

Losing a bathroom in your home can be tough, especially for parents or teenagers who are used to having their own private space. Here are a few tips that will make living without one of your bathrooms easier on you and your family. 

Discuss the Transition Early
If members of your family are going to be losing their private bathroom it is best to discuss it with them in advance, rather than springing it on them at the last minute. 

Put Together A Schedule
People take their morning routine seriously, so it can be a good idea to lay out some ground rules to avoid chaotic situations before school or work. Work together with your family before construction begins to prepare a schedule that allows everyone to have sufficient time to get ready in the morning, and for bed at night. 

Utilize other Rooms in the House
As you get ready in the morning or prepare for bed at night you can utilize other areas of your home to avoid traffic jams in the bathroom. A desk can be transformed into a makeup station, nightstands can temporarily house contacts, and the powder room can be used for shaving and teeth brushing. 

What if Your Only Full Bath is being Renovated? 
If you only have one full bath and your extensive remodeling project renders this room unusable, we recommend speaking with family members or friends about using their shower. A powder room is sufficient for brushing your teeth, applying makeup and washing your face in the morning, but you obviously can’t shower or bathe without a shower or bath! You can also shower at the gym, or at your office if they have the facilities. 

bathroom remodel

At E&E we work with our clients every step of the remodeling process to ensure their needs are met and they are comfortable throughout the project. We clean up at the end of each day and work very hard to cause as little disruption to our clients’ lives as possible. If you are considering an extensive remodeling project at your home, contact us today for a complimentary quote!

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