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Should You Move or Remodel?

When it comes to what to do when you are unhappy with aspects of your home, the answer is not always a simple one. At times the answer to the question ‘should I relocate?’ may actually be ‘renovate’ instead!  And, vice versa. So, how do you know when it is better to move or to stay put?  We are going to examine a few cases where moving may be the better option and where renovating would likely be. 

When Should You Move?

House Is Too Big or Small

You’ve been at your house for years and your family has outgrown the space that you’ve available in your floor plan.  You can certainly consider adding on an additional space to your home, but what if the constraints of your acreage limit your ability to do so?  Possibly even more limiting is if you own an attached or semi detached home you may not be able to add on an addition without affecting your neighboring properties negatively. Or, the opposite may be true, your kids have grown up and moved out and you find yourself empty nesting in too much house. 

In either of these situations it may make the most dollars and sense to sell your home and move as opposed to renovating an existing property.

Budget Isn’t a Concern

If you are working within an unconstrained budget for your housing project, the best option may be to start from scratch and work with a builder on a customized home that ticks all the boxes of what you are looking for in your next abode. Or, there may be another home on the market that may appeal in terms of existing square footage, floor plans and attached acreage. 

House in Wrong Location

No matter how much thought you put into renovating your home, if the location is utterly wrong, renovations aren’t going to fix a poor location. For example, if you are raising a young family but live along a particularly busy or overly noisy street, selling your home may be the best option.  Any number of factors can contribute to a home’s location not being the ideal. If they are factors that are outside your control as the homeowner, it may be less stress and healthier for you and your family to consider buying a new home. 

When Should You Renovate?

House in Right Location

Have you found your dream home and it is located in an absolutely idyllic spot, but there are a few updates or changes you would like? Then let’s talk about how renovating your home is the solution.  Because let’s face it – location, location, location can really add to the value and the enjoyment of your property.  If there are a few small details you would like to edit or add, renovation is a viable solution. 

And, if you have a great location but the house is not quite meeting your space requirements with growing kids or maybe mom wanting a new sewing room or in-home office, or dad seeking the addition of a den or study – adding an addition to your home is an effective problem solver.

House Is Right Size

remodeled home

If your home is just the right size for you and yours, but needs some updates and cosmetic improvements – look no further than renovations!  Maybe you need new windows and doors, or the siding could use a refresh, or the roofing is reaching the end of its useful life, or maybe you have always wanted to try updating the exterior of your home with stone veneer; all of these are realities with the right-sized home! 

Even the right-sized home can benefit from additional square footage.  This could take the shape of building a new room or adding outdoor living space, such as a deck. 

Budget Is a Concern

If your budget is more limited, remodeling an existing space can bring new life to that space without breaking the bank. Additionally, home values on the real estate market have skyrocketed in recent years, making renovations a more attractive option for a smaller budget. Do you have questions regarding what you can accomplish with the budget you have available?  Don’t hesitate to contact E&E Contracting, we would be happy to help you strategize what options you have for renovating your home.  We also offer complimentary quoting for renovation projects. 

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