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Why You Should Choose Diamond Kote Siding

As siding technology continues to evolve the options may seem endless to homeowners looking for an upgrade. As dozens of materials and styles have become available in the last few decades, how can you decide which is right for your home? At E&E Contracting we have been installing siding for almost 30 years, and use dozens of different siding materials to meet our customers’ needs. In recent years we have found Diamond Kote Siding to be one of the most durable and attractive options on the market, and have used it to help numerous homeowners in the Lancaster County area. 

What is Diamond Kote Siding?

Diamond Kote Siding is a siding finish that is built on LP SmartSide, a trusted name in the vinyl siding industry. It is a specially formulated finish that consists of pure metal oxide coolants that have been extracted from rocks. The result is a finish that is less porous than other paints and stains, allowing it to better repel dirt, moisture, and grime. 

Diamond Kote is producing this finish and applying it to LP boards in-house using a process that ensures the finish sticks to the board. Each board is deep cleaned before Diamond Kote is sprayed on, providing a perfectly even finish across the board. 

What are the Benefits of Diamond Kote Siding?

Unmatched Durability

Diamond Kote Siding has gained popularity so quickly because their process has made the already durable LP SmartSide even more weather resistant. Other prefinishers apply standard exterior house paints or stains to the boards, which will require regular maintenance and recoating to maintain its look. Diamond Kote finishes come with a 30-year no fade warranty that covers peeling, chalking, and fading. This warranty is unprecedented, and means that your home’s exterior will be essentially maintenance-free for 30 years. 

Clean Finish

Diamond Kote also manufactures a protective trim system that is designed to conceal nail heads and reduce visible seams. This trim system uses the same technology used on the siding, and is also backed by the same 30-year no fade warranty. They manufacture nail fins and trims in-house to provide your home with a flawless finish. 

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Diamond Kote color matches all of these products to the siding, and even color matches caulk to provide your home with a seamless finish. 

Beautiful Color Options

Diamond Kote’s team of color experts are continuously developing color options to keep up with trends. Their color collections pull inspiration from landscapes and moods, and offer unique and traditional vinyl siding color options to fit any homeowner’s preferences. 

Want to think outside of the box with a custom color? No problem! They also offer custom color matching services to get the perfect color for a customer’s home. 

Weatherproof Your Home

Diamond Kote’s Weatherproofing Package takes the durable siding technology to the next level. Drip caps, flashing, h-molding, and more prevent moisture from the ground up, ensuring your home stays dry even in the most vulnerable areas. All pieces of the weatherproofing package are color-matched, and covered by the 30 year no fade guarantee.  

Installing Diamond Kote Siding

As siding contractors we love working with Diamond Kote. They manufacture their products with contractors in mind, and we have found that we can install Diamond Kote 33% faster than other siding options. Also, because it is built on LP SmartSide we are able to use 16 foot boards which means less seams and cutting, and shorter installation times. 

Diamond Kote Vinyl Siding is the perfect option for homeowners looking for a weather resistant, maintenance-free, and beautiful option for their new home or remodel. If you have any questions or would like a complimentary quote contact E&E today, our team of experts would love to speak with you.

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