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Windows and Doors to Consider for a Contemporary or Modern Look

Opting for a Modern or Contemporary Style: The Ever-Evolving Movement

What precisely constitutes a “modern” style? Great question! Because this architectural style is currently the most recent one to evolve, there remains no official consensus about what type of design features solidify this trend. Despite this, three approaches are typically cited as the top current styles attributed to modern or contemporary categories: Miesian Modern, International Modern and Industrial Modern. 

If texture is something that is important to you, for instance, Industrial styles will make a perfect fit, as they emphasize materials such as corrugated metals and exposed wood panels. The so-called “machine-like” forms typical of International styles, on the other hand, embrace function over aesthetic. Lastly, the Miesian Modern highlights floor-to-ceiling windows, with steel support structures and beams being drawn to the fore.  

Choosing Windows to Suit Your Style: Modern Options

How to create a modern feel with doors and windows? In reality, the possibilities are endless! As mentioned, modern styles highlight the role of large, open spaces that permit for breathing room and seemingly unlimited storage. Similarly, double-hung and casement window styles tend to be used in modern-themed decor more often than others. The latter of these are issued in fiberglass, wood, and vinyl, and feature a side-hinge that swings outward. Bow or bay windows are also frequently used to open up additional sources of natural light and ventilation. 

A good rule of thumb for replacement windows and doors inspired by a modern feel is “let there be light!”, as this is a central feature of this architectural style. Creating puzzle-like patterns with floor-to-ceiling windows, for example, is popular and typically used when designing new homes with this vibe. 

Considering Your Doorway: Embrace a Contemporary Feel

You may not think a simple doorway can “scream modern”, but you should reconsider that notion! In addition to pairing your doors with large, open window panels, you can consider the texture and color of the door to embrace the modern look. Metallic colors, for example, have recently increased in popularity and are frequently used in the design of new residential and commercial buildings. 

Similarly, retro themed pops of color such as bright red, sea green and banana yellow are also easy ways to convert your boring door into a fabulous contemporary one. For something new, try the jungle tones that have been taken from natural sources of beauty such as coral reefs, the sea and earthy forests. 

Learn More About Window and Door Options From Our Experts.

Now that you understand some of the basics surrounding the modern and contemporary styles, we couldn’t be happier to assist you with the selection of your window and door replacements. Understand our window and door installation financing options, or ask about our delivery process.  Regardless of your needs or style preferences, we can help you arrive at the right solutions for you.  

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